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Gender equality: Our progress is at risk

If you think we’ve achieved gender equality in Canada, think again.

In fact, our progress is at risk. Canada fell from 30th place to 35th place in the 2016 Global Gender Gap rankings by the World Economic Forum.

No matter what your gender, inequality affects you. And it costs Canadians billions of dollars every year. It’s estimated that promoting gender equality could add $150 billion to Canada’s GDP.

More importantly, gender inequality costs lives: approximately every six days in Canada, a woman is killed by her intimate partner.

Working toward gender equality is not only still relevant. It is urgent.

Without gender equality, women and girls face barriers that hold us all back. You can get help by learning more, spreading the word, and getting involved!

The Facts about Gender-Based Violence: Canadian women and girls live with a heightened risk of violence – often at the hands of someone they know.

The Facts about Sexual Assault and Harassment: Sexual assault and harassment continue to be under-reported and misunderstood.

The Facts about Women and Poverty: Women face specific barriers when it comes to moving themselves out of poverty and into a sustainable livelihood.

The Facts about the Gender Wage Gap: The gender wage gap diminishes Canadian women’s earning power, contributing to economic inequality.

The Facts about Barriers Girls Face: Girls grow up in the shadow of limiting gender stereotypes, sexualized media messages, and at risk of sexual assault.

The Facts about Inclusive Leadership: We need women in leadership roles to achieve gender equality, yet there remains a stark imbalance in professional and political roles.