woman sitting on a bench with a tool belt

Gender Equality Network Leaders

Women leaders from across Canada have been nominated to participate in GENC, the Gender Equality Network Canada, based on their experience of working for women’s equality in their community and in their field of expertise.

Nominated by over 50 community organizations conducting a local project to advance gender equality, the GENC leaders bring a wealth of experience on key issues including:

  • Access to justice for survivors of gendered violence
  • Under-representation of women in trades and STEM
  • Advancing women’s entrepreneurship
  • Child care
  • The gendered impact of poverty
  • Immigration
  • Precarious work

Through GENC, the leaders will have the opportunity to work together over the next three years to advocate for policy changes, build inclusive intersectional leadership, and take collective action to advance gender equality in Canada. Online profiles COMING SOON!