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Talking With Teens About the Montreal Massacre is Part of a Bigger Conversation

A red candle burns

Around the age of six or seven, each of my three sons anxiously asked me: “Mummy, do you care more about girls than you care about boys?” Or, more specifically: “Mummy, do you care more about girls than you care about us?” It’s a bittersweet question. Admittedly, we do talk a lot about women and […]


Handmade Creations and Healing with Sigrid Naturals

Sigrid holds a can of healing salve.

Written with help from Stephanie Keon. I live and work in the Wilno hills where I was raised. My nails are often dirty, and my hands are strong from pulling plants from the earth, carrying huge vats of olive oil, and chopping beeswax. These ingredients are at the heart of my handmade products. Due to a difficult […]


Campus Sexual Violence and #MeToo: Q&A with Bailey Reid

A Black woman graduating from university

University campuses are often catalysts for change. So how has campus culture responded to the We spoke to Carleton University’s Bailey Reid about violence on campus, and how her conversations about consent are shifting. Tell me a little bit about your role at Carleton. What kind of work do you do? In my role I […]


Q&A: Anita Hill Wants You to Believe Change is Possible

Headshot of Anita Hill

Do you remember where you were when Anita Hill took the stand? Many of us can still picture her groundbreaking testimony in the Supreme Court justice confirmation hearings of 1991. Even if that historic moment happened before your time, you got a crash course this year as the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings unfolded in an […]


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