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Dating a Survivor of Sexual Violence: How to Support Your Partner

A young couple sits on a bench.

By Tiffany Sostar, for the There are a lot of survivors of sexual violence in the world. This means that many relationships include at least one survivor, and it can be difficult to know what to do (or not do) to support a partner who has experienced sexual violence. It can be a painful and […]


Building a Business Rooted in Self-Love

Picture of Sarah Taylor encouraging another woman who is lifting weights.

When I was finishing up high school and deciding what to take in college or university I had two ideas.  One was to be a teacher because I loved kids, the other was to go into business.  I remember my father saying there was no money in teaching and I felt the pressure to choose […]


Invisible Survivors: Supporting Older Women who Experience Sexual Violence

An elderly woman holds hands with a younger woman

Since the #MeToo Movement grabbed headlines, many have woken up to the realities of sexual assault and harassment. For too many women, the barriers to leaving an abusive relationship remain steep, and that includes older women. Who do you picture in your mind when you consider sexual violence against older women? Do you see a […]


Report Finds Women in Canada Still Face Systemic Inequality, Encourages Action

A flipchart with many statements in different coloured markers written on it. One reads "Expect pushback, equality looks like oppression to those with privilege."

A report published by the Canadian Women’s Foundation this week provides new insight into the state of gender equality in Canada.

Women’s Equality in Canada: An Environmental Scan is designed to inform the work of the Gender Equality Network Canada, a national women’s collaboration that is working on a national action plan for gender equality. The network was launched last year with funding from Status of Women Canada and is convened by the Canadian Women’s Foundation.


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