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Why I’m Running a Marathon Without Any Training

A woman in sneakers jumps.

Trigger Warning: Physical violence, abuse On Sunday, April 28th, 2019, I’ll be running in California without training for it. It might seem like a terrible idea to run a marathon without training, but I’m in decent physical shape, and I’m motivated by a cause much bigger than myself. I’m running without training because survivors of […]


The Persistence of Pay Inequity on Campus and Beyond

A woman counts a stack of money.

Canada – and many other countries – have made great strides when it comes to advancing the status of women. But many hurdles remain, and they are high ones. One persistent issue is gender pay inequity, which remains a problem across the country. on the basis of average hourly earnings. This trend continues at a […]


Three Bold Steps Toward Closing the Gender Pay Gap

A yellow line on the subway ground reads 'Mind The Gap'

Did you know that, if you’re a woman in Canada, it’s as if you’ve been working for free since the beginning of the year? April 9 is It marks how far women, on average, need to work into the new year to earn what men earned by December 31. The is real, it can’t simply […]


Rethinking Leadership: Hiring and Retaining Diverse Women Leaders

A woman writes in a notebook

A workplace is only as strong as its team. It’s crucial that workplaces learn how to support, retain, and advance women leaders. Here is the second part of a three-part series on women in leadership. This week, three trailblazing leaders were asked about how they cultivate more supportive workplaces for women, and empower all women […]


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