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Are you seeking support to deal with abuse or violence?

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 911 or your local police. To find information on shelters and support services in your province or territory, consult this resource list.

Please note: the Canadian Women’s Foundation does not provide counselling or services to individuals. We fund and support organizations that help women and girls, but we do not provide services directly. Learn more about our work.

Contact Us

Canadian Women’s Foundation – National Office
Address:  1920 Yonge St., Suite 302
Toronto, ON, M4S 3E2
Phone: 416-365-1444
Toll Free: 1-866-293-4483
TTY: 416-365-1732
Fax: 416-365-1745 / Toll Free 1-877-293-7490

Canadian Women’s Foundation – Calgary Contact
Phone: 403-984-2523

For media inquiries: media@canadianwomen.org

For general inquiries: info@canadianwomen.org

Our departments

  • Philanthropy

    Laura Owen, Director, Philanthropy
    Vanessa Pagratis, Manager, Philanthropy
    Heidi Dinning, Director, Philanthropy (Alberta)
    Kara Witter, Manager, Philanthropy – Corporate Partnerships (parental leave)
    Gurpreet Chahal, Manager, Philanthropy – Events
    Aliina Vaisanen, Coordinator, Philanthropy

  • Community Initiatives

    Beth Malcolm, Vice President, Community Initiatives
    Anuradha Dugal, Director, Community Initiatives & Policy
    Keetha Mercer, Program Manager, Community Initiatives
    Karen Campbell, Program Manager, Community Initiatives (parental leave)
    Rudayna Bahubeshi, Program Manager, Community Initiatives
    Jacqueline Hall, Program Manager, Community Initiatives
    Rifka Khalilieh, Community Initiatives Administrator
    Janine Rocha, Program Manager, Gender Equality Network Canada
    Diane Hill, Director, Communications, Gender Equality Network Canada
    Ann Decter, Project Director, Gender Equality Network Canada
    Michelle Musindo, Coordinator, Events and Capacity Building

  • Public Engagement

    If you have a media request, contact media@canadianwomen.org

    For all other enquiries related to campaigns or marketing, contact engagement@canadianwomen.org

  • Finance and Administration

    Olga Svystun, Senior Director, Finance & Operations