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Support a Campaign

If we want gender equality, we have to take action.

That’s why the Canadian Women’s Foundation engages Canadians through public awareness campaigns. You can help us raise awareness and funds to address the critical issues facing women and girls. Learn more about some of our recent campaigns:

International Women’s Day 2019

You can take action during the week of International Women’s Day 2019! Join us all week long (March 4 – 8, 2019) to celebrate women and girls in Canada, take action to advance gender equality, and be part of the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn! Find out how you can take action!


In 2016, the Canadian Women’s Foundation launched GirlPowered, a national campaign that gave girls a voice by replacing sexist advertising with messages they created themselves.

Now we’re bringing GirlPowered to Instagram, and filling it with stories, ideas and inspiration on the things girls tell us they care about, from women they look up to.

Follow @girlpowered.ca on Instagram to get your dose of inspiration!

Have a topic you’d like a GirlPowered mentor to address? Submit your ideas at girlpowered.ca

Got an inspiring message for girls? If you are interested in being a GirlPowered mentor, email us at girlpowered@canadianwomen.org!

Campaign to End Violence

Every May, the Campaign to End Violence raises awareness and funds for violence prevention programs and about 450 emergency shelters across Canada.

You can participate by visiting any WINNERS and HomeSense store during the month of May and purchasing one of the beautiful limited-edition products that Winners and HomeSense produces especially for the campaign. Learn more about the 2018 Campaign to End Violence.

Funds raised during the campaign go to shelters and violence prevention programs that help women to rebuild their lives, counsel children who have witnessed abuse, and teach teens healthy relationship skills.

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Get Consent

Did you know that only one third of Canadians understand what it means to give consent in sexual situations?

The award-winning Get Consent campaign got people talking about this important issue. You can help spread awareness about consent by sharing the Get Consent video.