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Report Finds Women in Canada Still Face Systemic Inequality, Encourages Action

A flipchart with many statements in different coloured markers written on it. One reads "Expect pushback, equality looks like oppression to those with privilege."

A report published by the Canadian Women’s Foundation this week provides new insight into the state of gender equality in Canada.

Women’s Equality in Canada: An Environmental Scan is designed to inform the work of the Gender Equality Network Canada, a national women’s collaboration that is working on a national action plan for gender equality. The network was launched last year with funding from Status of Women Canada and is convened by the Canadian Women’s Foundation.


Building Confidence and Empowering Immigrant and Refugee Girls in Edmonton

Girls play a game outside with hoops and rope.

When you enter the Edmonton Intercultural Centre (EIC), you’re greeted  by an environment buzzing with energy and diversity. There are children and adults gathered in the hallways, youth playing in the gymnasium, and a multitude of people from all different backgrounds engaged in activities that range from English lessons to dancing.


Sophomore is a Feminist Fashion Magazine that Finishes at the Top of its Class

Cover art from an issue of Sophomore Magazine. A woman with colourful barrettes and eye makeup poses.

When Elizabeth Polanco first heard about , she was hooked.  As a graduate of Ryerson’s Fashion Communication program, the feminist fashion lifestyle brand was right up her alley. Sophomore, she learned, was about more than fashion. The magazine was and continues to be dedicated to elevating the voices of different genders, sexualities, ethnicities, abilities, and […]


Friendship and Leadership Keeps the Strong Girls of Inlailawatash Playing #LikeAGirl

A quilt square made by the girls' group, it reads "I am strong" between a painting of two braids.

Sometimes we need a helping hand to get through the hardest parts of girlhood. Thankfully, have each other. The Strong Girls are a group of Tsleil-Waututh First Nation girls aged 9-13. Funded by the Canadian Women’s Foundation, they meet weekly to foster healthy relationships and connect to their culture in a positive way. We spoke […]


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