No – Regulating Online Hate Won’t Cost Us Free Speech

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We need to do something about gender-based hate-speech on the internet, and we can start by enshrining protection against online hate in human rights law.


DAWN Report Finds That Girls With Disabilities Are ‘More Than A Footnote’

The title page of DAWN's "More Than A Footnote' Report

The most pressing finding from DAWN Canada’s work is that there are currently no programs or services focused specifically on women and girls with disabilities. Instead, they’re an afterthought – or not thought of at all – when creating and delivering programs. Instead, they’re footnoted at the end of  policy reports.


EntrepreNorth: 3 Ways to Celebrate Innovation this Indigenous History Month

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EntrepreNorth is calling on you to ensure that your project design and management is inclusive of Indigenous peoples. This means involving Indigenous participation in all aspects of the project. If and when possible, incorporate on-the-land activities and appropriate ceremony. 


Shannen’s Dream: 4 Ways to Work Towards Equity in Education this National Indigenous History Month

Shannen Koostachen

Shannen Koostachin wanted all First Nations kids to attend safe and comfortable schools and receive culturally-relevant education. Today, we’re calling for the same.


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