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Q&A: Musician Kinley Dowling Takes The Microphone Against Sexual Violence

Kinley Dowling poses in a fur stole in front of a backdrop of roses.

When vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kinley Dowling (KINLEY) released her debut solo album in 2016, Letters Never Sent, she knew it would rock the boat. The Islander and longtime member of Newfoundland’s Hey Rosetta! wrote openly about her experience of sexual assault on the track Microphone. Now that song, and the accompanying music video, is going to be used in classrooms to teach students about sexual violence and consent.


Four Ways to Support Black Women’s Empowerment During African (Black) History Month and Beyond

Paulette Senior at the launch of the new ten dollar bill.

Wait! Before you spend that crisp new $10 bill, ask yourself if you know the story of the woman looking back at you. Until the new notes came into circulation last year, Viola Desmond’s contribution to Canadian history was one of many by Black Canadians that went unheralded.


Valentine’s Day: Giving Meaningfully with the Giving Roses Project

The Giving Roses pin sits on a bed of flowers.

In an era where consumerism is globally-conscious and purpose driven, and our understanding of gender roles has broken free of a false binary, why do our Valentine’s Day traditions remain unchanged?


Women in Cannabis: Exploring New Opportunities with Katie Pringle

Image of Katie Pringle

Katie Pringle knew early on that cannabis culture was changing, and she wanted in. Now she’s the co-founder of several businesses. We spoke to her about the challenges she’s faced, and the opportunities she’s still exploring in this new industry. Tell me a little about what you do. Why did you start working in cannabis? […]


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