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Hello New Year: The Important Role of Self-Love in Self-Improvement

A woman holds a sparkler

It’s a new year, and my resolution is simple: To not let resolution season get the best of me. I really do believe in striving to better ourselves and to have a positive impact on our families, our friends, our communities, and our world. But so many of the messages that swirl around this time […]


Three Reasons Why The #MeToo Momentum Must Continue into 2019

Engaging men in gender equality: woman holding #MeToo sign

Without looking, can you guess what tops CTV’s list of the eight biggest Canadian It’s “#MeToo Hits Parliament Hill” – this year’s coverage of revelations about inappropriate behaviour by some Canadian politicians, as well as changes to sexual harassment policy and regulation in the federal sphere. Even those of us who aren’t in politics have […]


Talking With Teens About the Montreal Massacre is Part of a Bigger Conversation

A red candle burns

Around the age of six or seven, each of my three sons anxiously asked me: “Mummy, do you care more about girls than you care about boys?” Or, more specifically: “Mummy, do you care more about girls than you care about us?” It’s a bittersweet question. Admittedly, we do talk a lot about women and […]


Handmade Creations and Healing with Sigrid Naturals

Sigrid holds a can of healing salve.

Written with help from Stephanie Keon. I live and work in the Wilno hills where I was raised. My nails are often dirty, and my hands are strong from pulling plants from the earth, carrying huge vats of olive oil, and chopping beeswax. These ingredients are at the heart of my handmade products. Due to a difficult […]


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