Black Women’s Identity in Canada: Parting the Roots of Black Hair with Simone Wright

This post was originally published on Simone Wright is a dancer, fashion inspiration, business woman, and activist bringing attention to Black histories, Black hair, and Black identity in Canada. In 2017, Simone created , a photo project that shared archival photos of Black hair along with photos of herself, her family, and her friends. […]


How One Woman’s Vision Created a Feminist Art Community

Picture of Ilene Sova

Ilene Sova is an artist, feminist, activist, and community builder. She is one of the many amazing women working to make Canada a safer and better place for women. She is also the founder of the or FAC. I recently spoke to Ilene about the Feminist Art Conference and why it was important for her […]


From the Slopes to the Spotlight: How Olympic Gold Medalist Dara Howell Uses Failure As Fuel

Dara Howell, sitting down

At 17, she was the youngest female competitor in the 2012 Winter X Games, and she won her first Olympic medal in skiing slopestyle at Sochi in 2014. But after her win, she experienced new insecurities and setbacks that she had to work hard to overcome. Now, she’s gearing up for the and she’s got […]


Project Footprint: Exploring Alberta’s Wilderness with Newcomer and Immigrant Girls

Women sitting at the top of a hill, looking over a vista

Imagine being a young girl immigrating to Canada. Do you think you would experience culture shock? How long would it take for you to learn the language? Would you make friends? How long would it take you to feel at home in this new environment? When everything around you feels foreign, sometimes the best thing […]


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