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What Racialized Mothers Like Me Really Need

Paulette Senior laughs, sitting down

Like many mothers, my son will take me out for Mother’s Day. He does it every year and I love these special shared moments with him. He always thanks me for raising him, but the truth is that I can’t help but feel grateful for the man he has become. He’s loving, smart, ambitious, and—importantly—respectful to women. I’m so proud […]


The Gender Pay Gap Is a Myth

A woman speaking in a meeting.

Gender pay gap deniers come out in droves on , telling us that it’s all just a big myth. If it’s illegal in Canada to pay women less than men, the argument goes, then the gender pay gap can’t be real. We wish it were that simple. Argument: In Canada, it’s illegal to pay women […]


Rethinking Leadership: The Next Generation of Leaders

A man and a woman take notes during a meeting.

If we want a future full of inclusive, diverse women leaders, we’ve got to look beyond who’s rising from middle management to the C-suite. Girls are surrounded by gender imbalances every day, and when they finally enter the workforce, it’s no surprise that the majority of women can’t We can’t be what we can’t see. […]


What Moms Really Need for Mother’s Day

A woman walks with her child in the woods.

Brandie Weikle is the host of The New Family Podcast. This post was originally published here.  I’m all for flowers, books and mani-pedi gift certificates. But the truth is moms really need forward-thinking policy change, the kind of game-changing, culture-shifting, brave-ass investments in everyone’s future that make raising up the next generation of taxpayers and gerontologists […]


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