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Moving Out of Violence to Rebuild Love and Trust

Silhoutte of a woman

Trigger Warning: Physical violence, abuse I’ll never forget the day I met him. I had just completed 10 months sober, and I was seeking a new reprieve. He was kind, charming, spontaneous, passionate, and hilarious. Looking back, he was really manipulative, a good talker, selfish, and possessive. Abusers have a way of playing the part, […]


Three Reasons Why The #MeToo Momentum Must Continue into 2019

Engaging men in gender equality: woman holding #MeToo sign

Without looking, can you guess what tops CTV’s list of the eight biggest Canadian It’s “#MeToo Hits Parliament Hill” – this year’s coverage of revelations about inappropriate behaviour by some Canadian politicians, as well as changes to sexual harassment policy and regulation in the federal sphere. Even those of us who aren’t in politics have […]


Talking With Teens About the Montreal Massacre is Part of a Bigger Conversation

A red candle burns

Around the age of six or seven, each of my three sons anxiously asked me: “Mummy, do you care more about girls than you care about boys?” Or, more specifically: “Mummy, do you care more about girls than you care about us?” It’s a bittersweet question. Admittedly, we do talk a lot about women and […]


Campus Sexual Violence and #MeToo: Q&A with Bailey Reid

A Black woman graduating from university

University campuses are often catalysts for change. So how has campus culture responded to the We spoke to Carleton University’s Bailey Reid about violence on campus, and how her conversations about consent are shifting. Tell me a little bit about your role at Carleton. What kind of work do you do? In my role I […]


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