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Why I’m Running a Marathon Without Any Training

A woman in sneakers jumps.

Trigger Warning: Physical violence, abuse On Sunday, April 28th, 2019, I’ll be running in California without training for it. It might seem like a terrible idea to run a marathon without training, but I’m in decent physical shape, and I’m motivated by a cause much bigger than myself. I’m running without training because survivors of […]


Engaging Athletes in Preventing Gender-Based Violence

Two hockey players wait for the puck drop.

This past fall I had the honour and privilege to be a part of ground-breaking new training at the .  Through the Athletics Department, I conducted 30 workshops with hundreds of varsity athletes, intramural teams, and Athletics and Kinesiology department staff.  The training was comprehensive – with the aim of preventing sexual violence. The University […]


Q&A: Musician Kinley Dowling Takes The Microphone Against Sexual Violence

Kinley Dowling poses in a fur stole in front of a backdrop of roses.

When vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kinley Dowling (KINLEY) released her debut solo album in 2016, Letters Never Sent, she knew it would rock the boat. The Islander and longtime member of Newfoundland’s Hey Rosetta! wrote openly about her experience of sexual assault on the track Microphone. Now that song, and the accompanying music video, is going to be used in classrooms to teach students about sexual violence and consent.


Moving Out of Violence to Rebuild Love and Trust

Silhoutte of a woman

Trigger Warning: Physical violence, abuse I’ll never forget the day I met him. I had just completed 10 months sober, and I was seeking a new reprieve. He was kind, charming, spontaneous, passionate, and hilarious. Looking back, he was really manipulative, a good talker, selfish, and possessive. Abusers have a way of playing the part, […]


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