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Domestic Violence Goes to Work

Woman walks down the hall

This post was originally published on . Pamela is a member of the Canada’s landscape has been strewn with domestic violence homicides this year, with the number of women killed already than it usually is for the entire year. And, it must be remembered, the number of women killed is only the tip of the […]


Q&A: Ivy Knight on #MeToo in the Food and Beverage Industry

Ivy Knight sits cross-legged.

Photo by Ksenija Hotic Ivy Knight loves the restaurant industry, both in spite of and because of its rowdy reputation. She spent ten years working as a line cook before leaving the kitchen to become a food writer. We spoke to her about her career, kitchen culture, and the industry response to #MeToo. How did […]


Q&A: Support Needs Spike After #MeToo

A woman reading a book under a tree

On October 2017, the #MeToo Movement prompted new conversations about the pervasiveness of sexual assault and harassment. The hashtag, , spread like wildfire across social media and encouraged many survivors to seek help. Eight months later, sexual assault service providers are struggling to keep up with the demand that #MeToo and recent high-profile cases have […]


What Youth Have Taught Me About Teaching Consent: Kevin Vowles

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This post was originally published on the . Conceived by internationally recognized speaker Julie S. Lalonde, is a collaboration with violence prevention speaker Kevin Vowles and represents speakers with diverse backgrounds, extensive knowledge, rich personal narratives and the capacity to connect with a wide range of audiences. Many Voices for Equity speakers are survivors of […]


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