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Q&A with Raj Kaur Khaira: How Sweets and Superheroes Pave the Way for Equality

Photo of Raj Kaur Khaira taken by Raj Gedhu

Activist and author Raj Kaur Khaira created The Pink Ladoo Project in 2015, a global gender equality campaign to inspire and give South Asian families the tools to celebrate girls’ births.

For her, the whole idea came from sweets.

In some South Asian cultures, ladoo are sweets that are traditionally given out to celebrate the birth of a boy. But there is no equivalent to mark the birth of a girl. Raj was inspired to change that.


Teaching Halifax its HERitage: YWCA Girls Make Diverse Local Heritage Minutes

Many Canadians are familiar with Heritage Minutes, but the Youth Advisory Council at YWCA Halifax saw a need for a more diverse and local history education.


Girls Got Game Goes Global

A photo of the lobby of the United Nations

Facilitator of Girls Got Game, Camila Serna, attended the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in March, and has taken many of the lessons she learned there back to the girls group.


DAWN Report Finds That Girls With Disabilities Are ‘More Than A Footnote’

The title page of DAWN's "More Than A Footnote' Report

The most pressing finding from DAWN Canada’s work is that there are currently no programs or services focused specifically on women and girls with disabilities. Instead, they’re an afterthought – or not thought of at all – when creating and delivering programs. Instead, they’re footnoted at the end of  policy reports.


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