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On International Women’s Day, Let’s Remove These Six Barriers to Women’s Leadership

Paulette Senior speaks at a podium.

“Hey Mom, what’s the glass ceiling?” “Is it true there’s a motherhood penalty?” “What about the leaky pipeline — what’s that?” Imagine a future where girls don’t hear these terms because they don’t exist. That vision is inspiring us as we mark . This year’s theme, , calls attention to progress we’ve made toward a […]


Fictional Heroines to Love in 2019

Woman reads a book

I love a good heroine. And I love a badass heroine even more. An awesome female protagonist is so much of what draws me in, and ultimately makes me fall in love with a book. I read hundreds of new Canadian fiction novels every year for , and the books I choose to feature all […]


Handmade Creations and Healing with Sigrid Naturals

Sigrid holds a can of healing salve.

Written with help from Stephanie Keon. I live and work in the Wilno hills where I was raised. My nails are often dirty, and my hands are strong from pulling plants from the earth, carrying huge vats of olive oil, and chopping beeswax. These ingredients are at the heart of my handmade products. Due to a difficult […]


Sharing Experiences through Mentorship: The Village Bloggurls

A group shot of all the village bloggurls outside

We asked a mentor and a mentee from program at North York Community House to fill us in on what their mentorship looks like. For Michelle and Rickysha, it’s all about strong communication, friendship, and experience. Rickysha Jn-Baptiste (R): Village Bloggurls Facilitator Michelle Dao (M): Village Bloggurls participant What does it mean to be a […]


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