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Author: Stacey Rodas

Stacey Rodas

Stacey Rodas is the Manager of Public Relations & Online Engagement at the Canadian Women's Foundation. Her goal is to make our country more livable and lovable. She is also a huge basketball fan. (GO RAPTORS!)

The Gender Pay Gap Is a Myth

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Gender pay gap deniers come out in droves on , telling us that it’s all just a big myth. If it’s illegal in Canada to pay women less than men, the argument goes, then the gender pay gap can’t be real. We wish it were that simple. Argument: In Canada, it’s illegal to pay women […]


Hello New Year: The Important Role of Self-Love in Self-Improvement

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It’s a new year, and my resolution is simple: To not let resolution season get the best of me. I really do believe in striving to better ourselves and to have a positive impact on our families, our friends, our communities, and our world. But so many of the messages that swirl around this time […]


I Belong Here and I Deserve to Succeed: Supporting Women Entrepreneurs of Colour

Did you know it’s in Canada? Small businesses have 1-99 employees. The majority of small businesses in our country are actually About are majority-owned by women, and there were about in Canada in 2012. That said, current statistics are not readily available about Women of Colour who are entrepreneurs or small business owners. We do […]


Could Embracing Your Inner Child Give You a Fresh Start in the New Year?

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2017 was quite a year. Personally, I felt the progress – I was happy to see the first I was thrilled to witness the first meeting of 140+ women in The Gender Equality Network Canada/Réseau d’égalité des genres Canada, which is and building inclusive, intersectional leadership. I was glad that a worldwide conversation had finally started […]


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