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Author: Kate Hawkins

Kate Hawkins

Kate Hawkins is the Public Relations and Online Engagement Coordinator at the Canadian Women's Foundation.

Women in Cannabis: Exploring New Opportunities with Katie Pringle

Image of Katie Pringle

Katie Pringle knew early on that cannabis culture was changing, and she wanted in. Now she’s the co-founder of several businesses. We spoke to her about the challenges she’s faced, and the opportunities she’s still exploring in this new industry. Tell me a little about what you do. Why did you start working in cannabis? […]


Breaking Stigmas with Brandi Leifso

Brandi Leifso in her office.

When Brandi Leifso founded Evio Beauty, she was living in a women’s safe house in Vancouver. Now she’s running a successful beauty brand with the goal of breaking stigmas to create a more conscious future. We spoke to her about entrepreneurship, the challenges she faces, and what’s on the horizon for . What was it […]


Campus Sexual Violence and #MeToo: Q&A with Bailey Reid

A Black woman graduating from university

University campuses are often catalysts for change. So how has campus culture responded to the We spoke to Carleton University’s Bailey Reid about violence on campus, and how her conversations about consent are shifting. Tell me a little bit about your role at Carleton. What kind of work do you do? In my role I […]


Building Feminist Community through Beer: A Q&A with Society of Beer Drinking Ladies Founder Erica Campbell

A Society of Beer Drinking Ladies crowd picture.

(SOBDL) knows how to party in a big way. What started as a chance to network with others in the food and beverage industry – and enjoy a few new brews – quickly transformed into regular “bevies” attended by thousands of women. We spoke to the SOBDL founder Erica Campbell about her experience working in […]


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