Could Embracing Your Inner Child Give You a Fresh Start in the New Year?

2017 was quite a year. Personally, I felt the progress – I was happy to see the first I was thrilled to witness the first meeting of 140+ women in The Gender Equality Network Canada/Réseau d’égalité des genres Canada, which is and building inclusive, intersectional leadership. I was glad that a worldwide conversation had finally started […]


When it Comes to Toxic Masculinity, We All Lose

Roxane Gay, an acclaimed feminist author, wrote an essay titled “This is How We All Lose.” Her essay dissects the way society currently talks about gender equality as if it were a zero-sum game: “if women’s fortunes improve, it must mean men’s fortunes will suffer.” As Gay describes it, the catchy saying “men are from […]


When Discrimination is About More Than Gender: The Village Bloggurls Tackle Race and Gender-Based Violence

The Village Bloggurls program is a weekly girls’ leadership, media literacy, and media production program based in the Lotherton Village and Westminster- Branson communities of North York, Ontario. The core program provides girls with creative opportunities to address issues including systemic violence, representation of women in the media, and societal expectations. Activities like writing a […]


A Deficit Worth Worrying About: The Gendered And Racialized Wage Gap

I was really hoping the recent release of Census data would bring good news: wage gap closed! Racial discrimination gone! Equality achieved!

Not so much.

Gaps in pay for women and racialized groups persist. Ditto for immigrants and Indigenous peoples.

Consider Toronto, Canada’s largest city and one of its most diverse. More than half of Toronto’s population are immigrants. Exactly 50 per cent of the city’s population identifies as a visible minority. Maybe in the next Census, Statistics Canada will swap “visible minority” for “racialized,” seeing as 50 per cent is not a minority.


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