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Indigenous Firsts: 14 Indigenous Women to Know on National Indigenous Peoples Day

Photo of a black and white eagle feather.

Indigenous Peoples Day is a chance to celebrate our First Nations, Inuit, and Métis sisters, but so many of their stories have been left out of our history books. In an effort to honour their accomplishments, Sally Simpson has been compiling a list of Indigenous women’s ‘firsts’ since 2011. Below are some of the amazing […]


7 Confidence-Boosting Books for Girls

Dad reading picture book to baby.

Did you know that, according to a Dartmouth College study of more than 5,600 children’s books published in the US throughout the 20th century, 25%  had no female characters, and less than 20% showed women with a job? Representation is key to inspiring girls, and though many authors and publishers are becoming more aware of […]


Digital Diversity: Together We Can Improve Tech for Everyone

A woman takes notes at a computer.

Diversity in all spaces should be standard, and diversity in technology is especially important because consumers and end users are diverse people. Diversity makes for better products and services – ones that are smarter, safer, more efficient, and inclusive. It’s a no-brainer that technology should be informed by the audiences that use it, and that […]


Think Big, Look Back, Start Small: YWCA Halifax Wins the Michele Landsberg Community Award

A woman looks at a black and white photo exhibit of black men and women.

The Michele Landsberg Community Award is a $5,000 award named after renowned Canadian journalist Michele Landsberg. It recognizes organizations doing exceptional work in encouraging girls and young women to raise awareness of issues related to equality through media.   As the Youth Programs Coordinator for YWCA Halifax, I consider myself very fortunate to spend my time […]


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