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How Do Mothers with Disabilities Experience the World?

A mother and her baby in bed.

This post on Mothers with Disabilities was originally published by the DisAbled Women’s Network Canada (DAWN Canada), an organization whose mission is to end the poverty, isolation, discrimination, and violence experienced by women with disabilities and Deaf women. DAWN Canada is a current grantee of the Canadian Women’s Foundation and is working alongside to create […]


Q&A: Support Needs Spike After #MeToo

A woman reading a book under a tree

On October 2017, the #MeToo Movement prompted new conversations about the pervasiveness of sexual assault and harassment. The hashtag, , spread like wildfire across social media and encouraged many survivors to seek help. Eight months later, sexual assault service providers are struggling to keep up with the demand that #MeToo and recent high-profile cases have […]


What Youth Have Taught Me About Teaching Consent: Kevin Vowles

A couple holding hands

This post was originally published on the . Conceived by internationally recognized speaker Julie S. Lalonde, is a collaboration with violence prevention speaker Kevin Vowles and represents speakers with diverse backgrounds, extensive knowledge, rich personal narratives and the capacity to connect with a wide range of audiences. Many Voices for Equity speakers are survivors of […]


Q&A: After Unfounded, award-winning journalist Robyn Doolittle delves into #MeToo

Robyn Doolittle, investigative Journalist, is the 2018 winner of the Michele Landsberg Award for exceptional coverage of issues related to gender equality.

When Robyn Doolittle first embarked on the Unfounded investigation into how sexual assault cases are handled by police in Canada, The Globe and Mail journalist never imagined the scope of change it would set in motion. The Foundation talked to her about the ongoing impact of Unfounded, the #MeToo Movement in Canada, and the focus of her upcoming book.


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