Youth Engagement – The Basics


Who else but a teenager would take a name like the Community Youth Development Framework and transform it into something as fresh as The Circle of Awesomeness?

HeartwoodIt’s this kind of energy and creative thinking that the HeartWood Centre for Community Youth Development aims to harness in its work to build more vibrant and caring communities.

The Nova Scotian nonprofit organization sees youth not only as leaders, but as change-makers. Their programs are designed to leverage young people’s passion – and their needs – into leadership. 

If you are looking to strengthen youth engagement in your healthy relationship program, The Circle of Awesomeness – otherwise known as the Community Youth Development Framework – will provide a myriad of ideas and tools.

The framework was developed by and for youth, and is easily adapted to different community contexts and organizational frameworks. It describes how to provide meaningful youth engagement opportunities, including planning, decision-making, and program delivery. It shows how to encourage each young person’s specific talents, and how to invest their assets in the community. The framework uses integrative, appreciative and participatory approaches to bring youth and adults together.

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