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SHE - The Canadian Women's Foundation Magazine - Spring 2016

One of the biggest barriers to equality is the refusal of groups who have traditionally held social and economic power—mostly men, mostly white—to listen to people they consider marginal or unimportant.

Given the potential discomfort, it’s no surprise we can be slow to change even when it’s in our own interests. Plenty of studies show a link between improved business performance and female leadership, yet women still hold less than 10% of the highest-paid positions in Canada’s top 100 companies.

If we care about inclusion, we need to see discomfort as a sign of progress and push ourselves harder if it seems too easy. Read the magazine.


SHE - The Canadian Women's Foundation Magazine 
- FALL 2015

Making empowered choices is never easy. There is always a cost. And sometimes they are simply not possible unless we have help. In this issue, you’ll read about other women’s most empowered decisions (THE BIG QUESTION, page 15), why columnist Heather Mallick keeps choosing to speak her mind even in the face of threats (SHE SAYS, page 20), and the types of supports that help women make one of the most difficult decisions of all: to leave an abusive relationship (LEAVE? EASIER SAID THAN DONE, page 10).  Along the way, I hope you’ll gain insight into making your own empowered decisions and how to say yes to the life you really want.

SHE - The Canadian Women's Foundation Magazine - Spring 2015

 A sense of connection often starts with a shared experience, which is why it can feel so comfortable to be around old friends. Sometimes connections are forged over a shared desire to create a certain kind of change, like ending sexism. But creating true connection also requires us to embrace our differences. That’s when real change can finally begin. Read the magazine here.


SHE - The Canadian Women's Foundation Magazine - Fall 2014

Women deserve a full measure of freedom, in all of its glorious meaning—freedom from fear, violence, and repressive stereotypes. The good news is that women around the world and right here in Canada are overcoming their fears, supporting one another, and speaking out. Thanks to your support, we are right there beside them.


SHE Magazine - Issue 3

SHE - The Canadian Women's Foundation Magazine -  Spring 2014

This issue is packed with inspiring stories about leadership. You’ll meet Lethbridge resident Christopher Rout, who speaks out against violence on behalf of his mother, Joanne. You’ll learn that women’s leadership is not a new idea: women were the traditional leaders of Aboriginal peoples until their power was stripped away through colonization.

And you'll meet a CBC journalist who was so convinced she was not a leader she almost turned down my invitation to write our guest column.  You become a leader when you take action to create the future you want. So let’s go!

SHE - The Canadian Women's Foundation Magazine -  Fall 2013

Strength comes in all forms. In Western society, we tend to favour traditional
masculine forms such as physical strength or organizational ’command and control’ hierarchies. However, traditional female strengths such as emotional intelligence and collaboration are quickly gaining respect. Women have always been strong, it just hasn’t always been recognized.

Thanks to you, the Canadian Women’s Foundation is helping women and girls to recognize their inherent strengths, and to gain the confidence and courage to live without limits. Now that’s worth celebrating! Read the magazine here


SHE Magazine

Welcome to the premier issue of SHE — the Canadian Women’s Foundation magazine!

SHE is full of inspiring stories about how your gift to the Canadian Women’s Foundation helps women and girls in Canada to move out of violence, out of poverty, and into confidence.

Women and girls have come a long way but still experience shockingly high rates of violence and poverty. And as you probably know, over the last 10 years many of the organizations that used to speak out for women and girls in Canada have either been shut down or had their funding slashed.  It is essential we continue to speak out, and I hope you agree SHE adds a valuable new voice to the conversation.  I invite you to join the conversation!



Summer 2012

Her Story - Summer 2012

Read about the success of the 2012 Shelter from the Storm campaign and how your donations helped women and girls rebuild thier lives after experiencing abuse; find out about the success of Women Moving Women and how you helped 2,500 move out of poverty; and learn about how a healthy relationship program helped Adiba in her own life.


Newsletter Summer 2011

Initiatives Summer 2011

Read more about protecting teens from dating violence; the success of Shelter from the Storm and inspirational stories of women and girls whose lives have been changed by participating in programs you helped us fund.


Newsletter Summer 2010

Initiatives Summer 2010

Read more about Shelter from the Storm, our Women Moving Women Sisterhood Soiree and the crisis of girls sexualization.



Newsletter Fall 2009

Initiatives Fall 2009

Read more about our five year plan, an interview with donor Nani Beutel and learn about the many corporate partners and corporate donors who support us year round.