Planning Your Event




Before you begin planning your fundraising event, take a moment to answer a few questions to help ensure you plan a successful fundraising event.

What type of event do you want to host? Have fun and think big! The possibilities are endless. Take a look at our Top 10 fundraising event ideas to help spark an idea for what kind of event you want to plan. Test your fundraising event idea on friends and family to find out if they are likely to attend or support.

When and Where Will you Hold your Event?

Who are you planning to invite to your event? Knowing who might attend will let you decide how you should tailor the size, location and date of your event. This will help you narrow down the venue and give you a better idea of how much promotion you will need.

Set Realistic Goals

Once you know the date and location, you can start to work out a realistic goal for how much you want to donate to the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Identify your possible sources of revenue (ticket sales, sponsorship) and estimates of expenses. If you can keep your costs down and under control, you will raise a larger amount to donate.

Plan Ahead!

The more you can do in advance, the less stress you will feel on the day of the event. Create a critical path or to-do list and make sure your name is not the only one on the list. Make sure you have a contingency plan – especially if your event is held outside – setting up a rain date or finding an indoor venue will take a bit more work up front but may end up saving the day.  

Confirm the Details

Securing a corporate sponsor is a great way to offset costs of the event. Ask local bakeries or grocery stores to donate platters of food or approach local companies to help, either with an in-kind donation of product or with cash to help cover costs. Also determine if you will need any volunteers and start recruiting them early.

Spread the Word 

Promote your event to your family, friends and colleagues. Send out an email to your address book asking them to support or buy tickets to your event. You can also promote your event to the media, using our template press release and media tips that will be available once you register your event online.

Collect your Funds

Encourage your guests to donate online before the event. For those guests who donate at the event, make sure you collect their full details so that we can ensure that tax receipts are issued (if applicable). We ask that all donation forms and final donation amounts are submitted to the Canadian Women’s Foundation within 15 days of your event.

Thank your Guests and Supporters

Thank everyone involved in the planning of your event, guests, sponsors, donors and anyone who donated to the event. Pass along information about how much the event raised and the key highlights of the event.

Wrap Up

Complete the Host Survey that will be sent to you following your event about your experience planning your event and working with the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Your feedback is important to us. And ensure that you email photos of the event to the Foundation so that we can feature your successful event on our website!