Loan Fund Proposals

Please answer each of the following questions using the guidelines:


  1. Organization Name
  2. Canada Revenue Agency Charitable Number
  3. Contact Person
  4. Position
  5. Email Address
  6. Name of Organization’s CEO/ED/Coordinator (if different from above)
  7. Email
  8. Telephone
  9. Website
  10. Website of project
  11. Fax
  12. Number of years in operation
  13. Number of people your organization serves annually
  14. Are your premises and services accessible for people with disabilities?   Yes     No  
  15. Geographic area your organization serves:
  16. Please specify your organization type:
    1. First Stage Shelter
    2. Second Stage Shelter
    3. Sexual Assault Centre
    4. Women’s Centre
    5. Other __________________
  17. Please specify your mission:
  18. What are the main services / activities of your organization? (list the top 4)
  19. Please list violence against women (VAW) services / activities if not included above:


Staffing and Volunteers

  1. Number of full-time employees
  2. Number of part-time employees
  3. Number of volunteers and students 
  4. Number of Board members
    1. How many do your bylaws require?
    2. How many are women?


  1. Annual Operating Budget
  2. Date of last audited financial statements (DD/MM/YY)
  3. Total Revenues (as per last audit)  
  4. Total Expenses (as per last audit)
  5. Surplus or Reserve Fund
  6. Deficit
    1. If your organization has been faced with a deficit or surplus in any of the last three years, please explain why and how it was dealt with and how it has been integrated into future planning.
  7. Please list your top four (4) funders and the areas they are funding:
  8. Has your organization received a Canadian Women’s Foundation grant before?
    1. If yes, the last grant project / program is:
       completed             in progress             not started yet
  9. Please provide information for each grant received, including: Year, Name of funded project / program, and Amount received


  1. Name of project / program
  2. Geographic area of project / program
    This area is:  
      Urban                   Rural                    Remote                 Northern
  3. Please indicate for which type of project / program are you applying for funding:

 A. Rebuilding Lives                                         B. Loan Funds  

  1. Number of individuals receiving service through this project / program annually:
  2. Please indicate the age group your project / program will mainly serve

 Teens 11-19       Young women 19-34         Women 35-60        Older women 60+

  1. Please indicate main three groups of women you will serve (e.g. Aboriginal women, Black women & women of colour, Newcomer women, Women with disabilities, Deaf women, LGBTQ, etc)
  2. Total budget for project / program Total amount requested from Canadian Women’s Foundation:
  3. Access funds requested (if applicable):
  4. Project / Program Description:


Please answer each of the following questions using the guidelines:


1. For an established loan fund, describe its stage of development, the size of the capital and history of the fund. How many loans are ongoing at this time, how many have been made and what is the repayment rate?

If this is a new fund, describe why you are setting it up and include information on how you plan to operate the fund. If you need more information on policies and materials, you may contact us.

2. How will this grant be utilized in building capital, allocating loans and providing administrative support?

3. Is there an identified need in your community for this?


4. Please describe the mechanisms for awarding loan funds, for repayment and for defaults. Please include protocols, policy or other materials that have been developed for this loan fund.

5.How do you ensure your loan fund is inclusive and responsive to the women in your community, respecting their diversity / background / experience?

6. What outreach and promotion activities, assessment and screening methods are used to inform and select participants? Who is involved in carrying out the activities as staff, elders, mentors and / or volunteers?

7. Are there other kinds of supports and services available to loan recipients such as financial literacy and counseling?

8. How do you plan to include a gender analysis in your approach and activities?


9. Please list the partners working with you, outline their role and tell us how you will work together, indicating if their participation is confirmed and whether you are providing a letter from them.

10. In addition, or if not working in collaboration, please provide at least one letter of reference. These letters may be from organizations in your community or agencies you have worked with. Please do not include more than three letters of support.

11. For projects / programs with multiple funders: please explain how would you adapt / continue to develop your plans if you received only part of your total budget?


12. How will you measure if this work has been successful?