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Help Build The First Generation To Experience Gender Equality


The Canadian Women’s Foundation has a dream: That Canada will lead the world by creating the first generation in Canada to experience real gender equality. Because all of the issues affecting women and girls today—violence, poverty, girls’ lack of confidence—are rooted in inequality. 

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  $10 - SAFETY 

Should I stay or should I go? For too many women, leaving an abusive relationship means making a heart-wrenching choice between escaping the violence and raising their children alone in poverty. You can give emergency refuge to women and children escaping violence plus the      long-term help they need to rebuild their lives, as well as essential services such as trauma counselling. Your gift will help to support 455 women’s shelters across Canada, violence prevention programs, and services that help victims of sex-trafficking to recover and rebuild their lives.



For many women who live on a low income, their journey out of poverty is often “one step forward, two steps back.” Many find their efforts to create a better life are hindered by multiple obstacles: a lack of affordable childcare, discrimination, or a lack of training and employment services. Your gift will help women who live on low incomes to learn a skilled trade, start a small business, or gain valuable work experience at a social purpose enterprise. These programs are specially designed for women, and offer special “wrap-around” services such as childcare and micro-loans that address their unique needs and maximize their chances for success.



The journey out of violence or poverty is difficult, but the road is even harder when you walk alone. There is great value in sharing the process with others who know what you’re going through. It helps you to understand you are not alone, and that help is available. Your gift provides marginalized women, young people, and girls the opportunity to connect with others, share their stories, build a new sense of belonging, and create a unique community of caring. In this positive, inclusive, and supportive environment, even the most difficult changes become possible.



Resilience is the capacity to bounce back from life’s challenges and to find creative, positive solutions to setbacks. But when you’re starting from disadvantages such as violence, poverty, or discrimination, it is difficult to build and maintain resilience. You can help marginalized women and girls to develop the resilience they need to respond to challenges, recognize their strengths, and take advantage of opportunities—skills they will use for the rest of their lives.


 $100 - EQUALITY

Canada has the potential to lead the world in gender equality. Imagine a Canada where women and girls live free of violence—no sexual assault, no domestic violence, no sex trafficking. How about a Canada with no glass ceiling and no gender wage gap? What if every woman and girl felt empowered to take on leadership? Gender equality benefits everyone, and helps us all to reach our full potential. By investing in gender equality, you will be leaving a positive legacy for your children and grandchildren.


 Over $100 - INSPIRATION

The power to inspire is the power to transform. When women and girls get the help they need to move out of violence, out of poverty, and into confidence, the power of those changes ripples out through their families and into their neighbourhoods and the broader community. Your gift will help women and girls across Canada move from victim, to survivor, to mentor, to advocate, to leader, to change-maker. You will be creating a new generation of powerful role models who will help lead the way to a better future for all women and girls across Canada.