Investing in Teen Healthy Relationships

At the Canadian Women’s Foundation, we want every teen to know how to recognize and prevent abusive relationships.

“I would tell myself he was drunk or I shouldn’t have been talking that person – I just kind of shoved it to the side.”

“This is what we should be learning in school. You’re learning how to be responsible towards yourself and society, to make the world a better place. That’s what we need to be learning. This will stick with you.”

“It really opened a person’s eyes to the different types of abuse, even in its most subtle forms. By being aware of an issue, we can prevent it and help anyone in a violent/abusive relationship.”

We invest in programs that help teenagers recognize and prevent abusive behaviour.

Our research shows that the teen years are an ideal time to teach violence prevention because the patterns of abuse are often learned early. Young people are already highly focused on relationships and often yearn for opportunities to discuss them.