It shows the next generation anything is possible.

I first heard about Ndinawe through a newspaper ad. It was an opportunity to get a college certified education as a child and youth worker – a 10-month fully-funded program to attend school and get daycare while you’re in school. 

I was already working full-time for a wonderful company. But because I had only Grade eight education, I couldn’t advance. I took a leave of absence and enrolled. Ndinawe is a partnership with Red River College. Everyone in class had street experience. That was important. I could fit in here. 

Everything you need is there. It’s a family situation. The Aboriginal teachings are very strong and help you heal. At any time you can come back to get help with a resume or references. Those who are furthering their education can get help with applications and funding. That kind of support is rare. 

We formed a survivor-led Alumnae Group to help recent graduates get jobs and keep jobs. There are weekly meetings. We have a meal. We validate our growth, and help each other keep our sobriety and the humour flowing. 

There are 58 proud alumnae graduates: 48 are employed, nine went on to take second year, three went on to other post-secondary education, and one has a BA degree. 

What’s really important is that the 150 children of alumnae now have a parent with a higher education. Those children have new role models. 

Before the program, I was making $9.67/hour and supporting kids. When I graduated with honours, I got a job that paid $21/hour and got out of poverty. 

My credibility increased with that piece of paper. It’s on my resumé. It made me know I wasn’t stupid. When I was a kid I didn’t fit in at school. I’m dyslexic. People said I was a product of drugs and alcohol – nowadays I would be labeled FAE. Nobody expected much of me and I believed it too. With Ndinawe, I got a 4.33 GPA out of a possible 4.50. 

My daughter and I went to school at the same time. For anyone, I would recommend going to college with their child. It’s a life lesson and a wonderful experience. 

It shows the next generation anything is possible. 

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The Child and Youth Care program that Laurie attended is delivered by Red River College in partnership with Ndinawe, a Canadian Women’s Foundation funded program.