Strong Wind Woman

I wanted to do the Red Road to Healing program because I know there’s more out there for me, but I have to take the first step.

Red Road to HealingThat first step is about coming out of your shell and saying: “I need help. This is happening. Where do I go from here?”

My ex would take a chain and put it around the fridge and lock it so I couldn’t get in. He would decide when to eat, what to eat. Only vegetables, no desserts. Stuff that he would eat. I guess he had a problem with overweight people.

When my sister said to me: “I’ve seen all the bruises and the way that he treated you,” it was like a shock to me.

Sometimes it’s hard to see we’re not being treated right because we don’t even think about it. We put it in the back of our minds. We train our brain not to see it. It’s just everyday living. And you’re trying to stay in the relationship, especially if you have kids.

When we do see it, it’s a huge wake up call.

Doing the Red Road program helps me to see what I’m supposed to be doing.

The first time I went, I was quiet. I kept to myself. I have a bad habit of being shy with other people. Every time someone new came into the group, and I was about to speak out, I would stop myself right there. It’s a hard habit to get out of, but I’m slowly getting out of it. I think in this group, I’m more open than I was before.

We cover the traditional circle – mind, body, spirit, emotion. We do smudging. Sometimes we sing – you can feel the power coming through the songs. I really like it when we pray.

Every time we finish the group, it feels more powerful.

If other women took this group, they’d know when they should get out of a relationship, and places to go and be safe. To not be afraid of people who are trying to help you. Because if they don’t get out of a relationship that’s very bad, they’ll probably end up being missing or murdered.

I would say to them: “Come in, listen to the other ladies. Maybe they will help you with their stories.” It’s mostly about listening. Maybe eventually they’ll open up and talk about their own journey.

The Red Road is a very good journey.