When I was a little girl, I liked to work with the children. When I look at them they make me happy. When I was in high school, I studied how to teach primary students.

JeanineIn my country, Burundi, there was a war. So I didn’t have a chance to do my job. When I came to Canada in 2010, I got that chance. Here, I have the peace to do my job.

In my country, the parent is like a king, like a lion in the jungle. Parents are very strict with the children. The children are down, down, down.

But in Canada, the children are like a king. I think it’s good, because they can learn in a good way. They can have more intelligence because they have peace in their hearts and they have love with their parents. We can cooperate with our kids. If you are stricter, it’s not good.

In my country, the kids can’t play with the mom or the father. Now, I play with my kids. For example, I take a plate and put a feather on it and blow, and they catch it and blow it back. They like that game.

And I read to them every night before they sleep. Once I read a book to my daughter, Naila, and she said to her brother: “Oh Phares, nice book!” That was good to hear. In my country, we can’t read the books.

When I’m finished the course, I may continue my education at College Universitaire de St. Boniface. Or I could look for a job at a daycare centre or do daycare in my house.

Then I would be helping another woman who can’t find a job or go to work because she has kids. When I help them, I’m doing my job.

My dream was to work with children. Now I have 100% of my dream.