Success Stories and Inspiration



Rishona Altenbertg - This Girl is Rising!
Ten year-old Rishona Altenberg wanted to help empower girls. So she organized a screening of the documentary film Girl Rising, found sponsors to cover her costs, baked cookies with friends to sell, asked local businesses to donate items for raffle prizes, sold tickets and promoted the event wherever she went. She donated all of the proceeds to the Canadian Women's Foundation and Room to Read Toronto. To hear Rishona's inspiring speech at the event, click on the picture above and you will be directed to the Room to Read Toronto Facebook page, who have kindly shared this video with us.

Aimee Quitevis Memorial Fund Vollyball Tournament
Sixteen years ago Aimee Quitevis was murdered by her husband, who then took his own life. Aimee was a gifted athlete, community volunteer and volleyball coach. To keep her memory alive and raise funds to prevent domestic violence, her sister Athena - along with Aimee's many friends and teammates - established the Aimee Quitevis Memorial Fund. Aimee loved volleyball, so they organized a charity tournament in her name. Her sister Athena says, "The credit really belongs to Aimee's friends in the volley ball community. They are the blood sweat and tears of this event." All funds raised through the trounament, now in its 15th year, support the Canadian Women's Foundations's work to end domestic violence.

Marg Soden
“Our Canadian Women’s Foundation event was incredibly successful with the introduction of the Canadian Women’s Foundation to room of community oriented women.  Each woman came away with a highly developed sense of the commitment and follow through of the Foundation to enabling women to gain their dignity and ability to regain their lives back.  Foundation staff shared incredible stories of how the funds we donate have turned around the lives of # of women and their families.  As a result of our enjoyable and informative evening together, the Canadian Women’s Foundation benefited from donations as well as additionally informed and interested women who will in the future volunteer and/or provide financial support. This is one of the most gratifying and impressive evenings I have attended to support the Canadian Women's Foundation, an organization for which I have great passion and commitment.” 

Rives Dalley Hewitt
"Hosting a fundraising event at my home for the Canadian Women’s Foundation was one of the most uplifting experiences of my life. Not only was it fun to have a wine and cheese party with a group of my friends, but it was an honour to educate so many of them on the realities of abuse towards women and girls that are in Canada still today. The Foundation did a great job of augmenting my speech about my personal story of family abuse, with their statistics, video, and some great case stories that warmed everyone's hearts. At the end of the night I had facilitated raising $15,000 on behalf of the cause. How proud I felt and how illuminated my friends left that evening. I was further gratified when they all called to thank me for having invited them to the event!" 

Tea for two… hundred or so, Roxanne Field and Daphne Jacques
"When we created a fundraising event called Tea for 200 or so we wanted to ensure that our work would make a difference. The Canadian Women’s Foundation certainly met that expectation and I was amazed at the level of dedication and commitment by staff and volunteers; their work in healing and empowering women is unprecedented. My personal experience was very uplifting and extremely rewarding. I have gained an enormous amount from my involvement with the Foundation and encourage others to participate in some way. Together we can obliterate poverty and violence against women and their children!" 

Dinner and Silent Auction, Judy Crocker
"For two years I organized and hosted a dinner and silent auction event at the Old Mill, in Toronto, in memory of my daughter Julie Crocker who was a victim of domestic violence.  We raised approximately $75,000.00 for the Canadian Women’s Foundation.  The Canadian Women’s Foundation was with us throughout every step from the planning stages, to attending the event and running the silent auction.  They also arranged guest speakers who inspired us with their stories and educated a male and female audience about violence against women. The events were a great opportunity for family and friends to come together to honour Julie's memory and raise money for a very important cause."