Empower girls

At the Canadian Women’s Foundation, we want every girl to believe in herself and  realize she matters.

“I feel different about myself. I know that I’m not totally worthless. I used to think I wasn’t very valuable and stuff. I learned I’m worth more than I thought I was.”

“When I came [to the program], I realized I can be myself. Then I realized I can be myself everywhere else too.”

“I like sports more. I exercise more now, too. I’m faster and I can move better.”

“I learned not to let anyone put me down.”

“I feel like I’m treated like a person—not just a girl.”

We help girls in Canada to move into confidence by funding dynamic programs that engage their body, mind, and spirit. In these programs, at-risk girls can explore science and technology, play sports, learn to think critically, or take on leadership, in a supportive all-girl environment.

Through our new Nancy Baron Mentorship for Girls Program, girls aged 9-13 will be mentored for two-years and the learnings from this groundbreaking work will impact and improve services offered to 10,000+ girls across the country. 

2016 - 2020 Girls' Fund Programs (PDF)

2012 - 2016 Girls' Fund Programs (PDF)

2009 - 2012 Girls' Fund Programs (PDF)