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Canadian Women's Foundation

This holiday season, make a lasting impact: Join GEN1 - December 2015

The Canadian Women’s Foundation has a big, bold dream: to build the first generation free of violence against women. We call this dream GEN1. Join us in making that dream a reality.




Canadian Women's Foundation

Inspired to Take Action - November 2015

What's your dream for women and girls in Canada? What would it take to make that dream a reality? In this month's e-newsletter, be inspired to take action and make a positive difference in the lives of women and girls. 




Canadian Women's Foundation

Women Making History - October 2015

October is Women's History Month in Canada. Join us in celebrating the leaders, the pioneers, and the everyday heroines that are making the future brighter for us all!


Canadian Women's Foundation

Let's talk: The power of conversation - September 2015

Want to help change the world? Tell your story. Say what you think. Ask hard questions. Listen. This month, we’re starting powerful conversations about consent, sexual assault, and healthy connections. We invite you to join the conversation and be part of creating positive change for women and girls!




Canadian Women's Foundation

Building healthy relationships online - August 2015

Now that we all practically live on our smartphones, it’s important to ask ourselves: “How healthy are my online relationships?” Have a look at our resources on how to build healthy relationships online and pass them on!




Canadian Women's Foundation

When we end poverty, we'll all win - July 2015

Though Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, there is a major economic problem that we have yet to solve: poverty. Find out what this means for women and girls in Canada, and how we can level the economic playing field.




Canadian Women's Foundation

Finding strength in our differences - June 2015

It's both National Aboriginal History Month and Pride Month in Canada - a great time to celebrate some of the wonderfully diverse communities across this country. We all have wisdom to share and all of our communities have resources to offer. When we work together, our differences make us stronger!



Canadian Women's Foundation

What will it take to end violence? - May 2015

During this month's Campaign to End Violence, we're raising awareness and raising funds to stop the violence - for good. What will it take to end violence?




Canadian Women's Foundation

The Role of Shelters in Preventing Violence - April 2015

More people seem to be realizing why some women stay in abusive relationships. It's time to stop blaming women for their choices and to start making sure they have the support they need. What role do women's shelters play in preventing violence?




Canadian Women's Foundation

Building Women's Leadership - March 2015

Sunday was International Women's Day and a great day to celebrate all of the amazing progress women have made towards gender equality. To create this kind of social change, we need to take on leadership. But what does that word really mean?



Canadian Women's Foundation

The Best Valentine's Day Present - February 2015

Want to give your loved ones something special this Valentine's Day? How about stronger, healthier relationships? To get started, join our #HealthyLove movement and make a VDay promise.



Canadian Women's Foundation

How To Help Women Move Out Of Poverty - January 2015

It's the time of year to make new resolutions, take on new challenges, and create new goals. Yet thousands of women in Canada have only one goal: to move out of poverty and achieve financial independence. thanks to perseverance, the right kind of community programs, and a vibrant network of women helping women, many courageous women have started the journey.