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Canadian Women's Foundation Building Brighter Economic Futures - April 2017

In the quest to build brighter economic futures for women, we look into Equal Pay Day and why the gender wage gap has been difficult to close, plus we share a success story from a woman who changed her life with the help of a Canadian Women's Foundation-funded program.



Canadian Women's Foundation It's Time to Speak Out! - March 2017

Speaking out takes incredible courage. This month, we're highlighting women who are speaking out about all kinds of important topics, from online bullying, to the fight for equality, to imposter syndrome.




Canadian Women's Foundation This Message is Brought to You by Girls! - February 2017

Last fall, we asked "what's possible in a world that's girl-powered?" We're about to find out!




Canadian Women's Foundation Happy New Year! - January 2017

Another year, another set of plans, opportunities and challenges to take on. As we move into 2017, we want to bring our best selves forward and help others do the same!