Connie McCulloch

 “We do not have equality...”

A lot of people seem to think that women are equal now, so problems like domestic violence no longer exist.

But it does exist. You just don’t usually see it because it’s behind closed doors. 

I don’t think I understood the extent of the problem myself until I served on the Violence Prevention Grants committee.

That was a real eye-opener for me.

It allowed me to see the amount of work being done in the community, and also the amount of money required. After one committee meeting - three intense days of reviewing all the grant applications - I walked away thinking, “We have to get more donations.”

When we help women increase their independence and their ability to raise their children and support their families, it helps our economy and society in general. But right now we are only able to scratch the surface of what we could potentially do.

When I think about the number of women who experience violence, there’s probably a high percentage of our customers - and even our employees – who experience violence. 

The Shelter from the Storm campaign really resonates with our customers. And our employees are really proud to be part of it. They really get behind it - talking to customers and asking for donations, taking part in the Empower Hour. They feel they’re giving back and helping to increase people’s awareness.

Because as long as we have violence against women and children, we do not have equality.

Connie McCulloch, Executive Vice President, TJX Canada (Winners and HomeSense)
Donor and Volunteer
Shelter from the Storm National Committee