Sarah Barker

Sarah Barker, was the former Director of Digital and PR at the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Passionate about achieving women’s equality and raising awareness about the issues facing women and girls in Canada. Also passionate about her dog and planning to survive the impending zombie apocalypse.

Must Reads for the Week of July 11

Newspaper stackThis week we were appalled by the story of a 16 year old girl named Jada whose sexual assault went viral on social media and yet hopeful as the online community have stood up with her in solidarity.

Read a great article about the defintion of rape and why we need to further educate the public on what rape and sexual assault really mean.

Must Reads for the Week of June 27

We are seeing more campaigns aiming to empower girls such as the #LikeAGirl campaign by Always, the rape awareness posters using Disney princesses and the new girl centred movie from Pixar.

An article by Jessica Valenti tries to define the meaning of the word slut and another insightful article debunks the myth of ‘the perfect victim’.

Must Reads for the Week of June 20

Newspaper stackThis week FIFA World Cup began with much excitement. Yet one article accurately calls out the many ways the media perpetuates gender stereotypes during this global soccer event. In light of many attention calls to increased human trafficking in Brazil during the games, in Ontario a new study reveals shocking facts about human trafficking right here at home. 

Two commercials got our attention this week; one that hilariously captures awkwardness of puberty and the other calling out women for saying ‘sorry’ too often.

An Interview with Monique Bateman, Senior VP (Prairie Region) for TD Canada Trust

Monique BatemanMonique Bateman is Senior Vice President, Prairie Region, for TD Canada Trust, where she leads a team of more than 4,000 employees in 205 branches in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories. She is a member of the Corporate Advisory Cabinet at the Canadian Women's Foundation, a regular speaker on women in leadership and Chair of TD's Aboriginal Employee Subcommittee. Monique credits her Métis heritage with instilling in her the importance of values and traditions that have helped her succeed in her career.

Must Reads for the Week of June 13

newspaper stackFather’s Day is coming up this Sunday and we want to celebrate all the amazing fathers supporting their daughters and the movement of gender equality around the globe with two articles, one of which is a campaign by our good friends at the White Ribbon. And to further applaud men that support women’s equality see 35 photos of Real Men Activists.

Corporate understanding of gender stereotyping in products is increasing as we see with the new Lego Female Scientist series and Verizon’s “Inspire Her Mind” campaign.

George Will received heavy backlash following his ignorant comments about women lying about rape to get 'privilege' while a new study demonstrates that reported sexual assaults on college campuses has increased dramatically.

Must Reads for the Week of May 30

NewspaperThis week we were saddened by the passing of the inspirational Maya Angelou. To honour her life, watch her reading of her “Still I Rise” poem. Then read 25 famous quotes to make you feel even prouder to be a feminist.

Discussions on the culture of violence and the ignorance towards the epidemic of violence against women is at full force. Read an article about NFL’s ignorance towards the issue and an article on why the #NotAllMen hashtag is counterproductive.

Must reads for the Week of May 23

NewspaperFrom a blog about how we need more girls in movies - strong, smart, silly, funny girls - to children dressed up as influential women in history, this week was all about girls.

But don't forget about the women. New research has shown that women with exceptional grades are often being paid as much as their less academically successful male colleagues. Or in many cases, not being paid at all as women have been shown to be the highest percentage filling unpaid internship roles.

Must Reads for the Week of May 16

NewspaperThis week the gender gap in the film and journalism industries took centre stage while a study of the online marketing industry revealed evidence of gender bias.

The UN report on aboriginal women and girls in Canada called for urgent action while the RCMP released its Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women report.

Must Reads for the Week of May 9

Newspaper This week, the missing girls in Nigeria continued to dominate news, online and offline, with citizens, governments and NGOS stepping up to demand action. In Canada, our own government is still not taking any action in regards to the now 1,200 missing and murdered Aboriginal women.

Kids are re-defining gender norms and a dad is speaking out about the advice he wants his daughters to know.

Must Reads for the Week of May 2

Newspaper This week, we heard from a woman who is speaking up about the importance of supporting women in skilled trades. And other women who are furious that the media insists on calling rape "non consensual sex".

We learned that the cases of missing and murdered Aboriginal women may be much, much higher than estimated. And that some judges are making HORRIBLE decisions when it comes to sentencing for convicted rapists.