Maryann Kerr

Maryann KerrMaryann Kerr is a professional with over 30 years of experience in the social profit sector. She has expertise in all aspects of fund development, organisational and team development, strategic planning and change management within complex organizations. As an innovative, inspiring and entrepreneurial leader, she brings energy, emotional intelligence, creativity and insight to her philanthropic practice.

Say No to Pretty Doormats

Mother and daughter smilingThis post was originally published on LinkedIn.

Recently my 18-year-old daughter asked me, with great trepidation, if I thought she had “too much to say and an opinion about everything.” I laughed. There is no doubt that my daughter has a lot to say. And though I could see she was unsure of herself - we couldn’t be happier that she has a mind of her own. Well, most of the time. 

Kim is smart, articulate and confident. She has learned, as she’s grown, to make room for the opinions and input of others. She’s learned that there is more than one right answer. She knows she isn’t always right – but she’ll certainly put in a good volley. She’s learned, despite the fact that many will try to quiet her voice, that speaking up is an act of leadership.