Ava Sage

Ava SageAva Sage is an e-safety expert from Chicago. She is currently working as an independent contributor for parental control app mSpy.com.

5 Ways to Nurture Leadership in Kids

Girls smilingEvery child is a potential leader. Even if they weren’t “born” leaders, they may be taught to become them by parents, teachers and other role models.

Leaders are people who have the ability to empower others to get things done. They inspire other people and set the directions to create something new. It isn’t about being at the top of a hierarchy, but about forging a path forward in collaboration with others.

So what personal qualities and skills could make your kid a great leader? There isn’t an exact answer. It all depends on personality and surroundings. For instance, some children are more confident than others, but that doesn’t make them a leader. As a parent, you play a huge part in helping your child develop the ability to lead.

It’s important to start teaching these skills to both girls and boys at a young age as kids internalize gender stereotypes about their potential early on. For example, 36% of girls in grade 6 say they're self-confident, while only 14% of girls in grade 10 do. According to recent research many girls start to doubt their intelligence and abilities as young as 6 years old!