Benefits for your client


We have an established track record and stellar reputation. Over the last twenty years, we have invested $35 million in more than 1,100 community programs across Canada. We have been honoured to have many of Canada’s most respected female leaders serve on our Board of Directors, including the Honourable Margaret Norrie McCain, Julie George, and Sally Armstrong. We have developed strong partnerships with some of Canada’s largest corporations, including all of the major banks, Rogers Media, Avon Canada, and Winners/HomeSense .


We are committed to careful stewardship of your client’s investment. We are a registered charity, a member of Imagine Canada, and a registered adherent of the Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code.


When your client gives to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, it’s like investing in a mutual fund for women and girls. Our areas of work—stop the violence, end poverty, and empower girls—have been strategically chosen to address the most serious economic and social impediments to gender equality in Canada. We identify the most effective solutions to these problems by consulting with grassroots leaders and academic experts.

We use trained volunteers to scrutinize grant proposals, visit organizations that apply for funding, ask a lot of questions, and advise us on which programs to fund. Once we have selected the best programs to fund, we conduct ongoing monitoring, and evaluate the results. 


Our work gets results. For example, many of the women who attend our self-employment programs are on welfare when the programs start. But our research shows that by the time the programs end, 84% of these women were able to reduce their dependence on these payments.

We would be pleased to develop a customized charitable giving plan that satisfies all of your clients’ needs.

For more information, please email Laura Owen, Director of Individual Giving, or call her directly at 416-365-1444 extension 254 to schedule a private appointment.