Our Latest Ad Campaign - It's A Girl

New PSA campaign from the Canadian Women’s Foundation shines a light on
the issues facing women and girls in Canada

Our new PSA campaign is bringing attention to the issues facing women and girls in Canada. The campaign, entitled “It’s A Girl”, launched July 2012 in print, outdoor, TV and digital. It takes the happy moments of having a baby girl and juxtaposes it against the sobering reality of abuse and poverty facing women and girls in Canada.

Created by DDB Canadas Toronto Office, the campaign features images or scenes typically associated with the impending arrival of a newborn baby girl: balloons, a baby shower and a congratulations card and then the shocking statement - “She has a 50% chance of being sexually or physically abused in her lifetime.”

The “It’s A Girl” broadcast creative for the Canadian Women’s Foundation was created pro bono by DDB Canada and Suneeva in collaboration and with generous support from the following production and media partners: 567vfx, Alter Ego, Fade to Black Casting, Relish and RMW.

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